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MyGica External USB Video Capture Card USB Grabber – Transfer

SAVE VHS TAPES TO PC – Save your precious memories from VHS tapes onto your PC hard drive
CREATE DVD COPIES – Burn your video to DVD and watch back on your TV or send to friends and family
RECORD RETRO GAMEPLAY – Connect to Xbox 360 / PS3 / Game Cubes and record any game play footage from consoles with SD video out


WISEUP Mini 4CH Color CCTV Security Camera Video Quad Processor

£55.00 £38.00

4 channel mini color video quad splitter special design for car and vehicle, supports 4 vehicle cameras in Max. Accept 4 composite video inputs from the camera.
Multiple optional display modes, Quad Split Mode/PIP Screen Mode/Full Screen Mode/Auto Sequence Mode. This 4 channels real time quad outputs pictures in real time, so you’ll see events exactly when they happen.
High resolution real-time video display, supports PAL TV system auto adapting, auto sequential switching, 720×576 video resolution, 25/30 fps video frame refreshing rate.