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Alba Bluetooth DAB Radio – Blue

£29.99 £26.94

Fun, vibrant colour for a really great little DAB/FM radio with wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
This radio also features a dual alarm with snooze and stereo headphone socket too.
20 preset stations – allows you to easily switch between your favourite stations.


AmazonBasics Electronic Flash


External flash for taking professional-looking photos in low-light conditions; compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras
3 flash modes for versatility: M, S1, S2 (Manual mode, Slave mode 1, and Slave mode 2)
Standard PC synchronous port (input) for off-camera connecting; wireless sensor for triggering flash from a distance


AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Canon and Nikon DSLR


Compatible with: T4i, T3i, T2i, T1i, XT, Xti, 5D Mark II, 7D
Compatible with: EOS 650D / 600D / 550D/ 500D / 400D / 350D / 5D Mark II / 7D
Delivered in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging


Andoer Viltrox JY-610 II Univeral on Mini Flash Speedlite for

£39.99 £21.99

JY610 II is a mini speedlight flash which is light weight on any camera. Its guide number is GN 27 (focal length 50 mm, ISO 100 in meters).
Adopts LCD panel ensure easily operation and fixed knob. Equipped with stroboscopic function, this process could take several images of moving object in one stroke.
With a unique feature in manual mode: the GN of the flash can be adjusted by adjusting the EV on the cameras.


AZATOM Pro Sports S1 DAB Digital Portable FM Radio DAB DAB+ &

£69.95 £34.95

ADVANCED DAB/DAB+ ‘FUTURE READY’ RADIO: The very latest DAB+ and FM Technology for crystal-clear reception. DAB+ ensures the Horizon receives more stations than other DAB Radios. It also has FM Radio for more choice. “Future Ready” ensures the radio has been designed to be compatible in the future.
THE ULTIMATE PORTABLE RADIO: The Azatom Pro Sports S1 is a stylish, premium Digital Radio which delivers high-end performance from a compact design. A custom full-range driver ensures the S1 is crystal-clear whilst delivering a full sound which belies its size. A huge 1,800mAh Battery is double the size of most competitors and gives upto 20 hours of playtime. Choose whether to play through the powerful integrated speaker or use the included Azatom earphones for personal listening.
PREMIUM DESIGN: Sleek, modern design with high quality matte black rubberised finish to prevent fingerprints. High quality materials and components allow the S1 to excel at all types of audio including spoken word and music. The new S1 features a strengethened aerial to stand up to heavy use.


AZATOM Sonance T1 DAB Digital FM Radio Alarm Clock – Speaker

£59.95 £28.95

DIGITAL TICK ‘FUTURE READY’ APPROVED: The Digital Radio tick mark is a promise of quality that you are buying a product which has undergone the industry’s most comprehensive testing for the quality of reception, tuning and all other digital radio features. It also gives assurance that you are purchasing a radio which has been designed from the ground up to work in the future.
TAKE YOUR MUSIC ANYWHERE: The Sonance has a built-in 1,200mAh rechargeable battery so you can listen to your favourite music anywhere. Perfect for the bedroom, the kitchen and the garden. It also has a premium ‘white on black’ display to ensure the screen is always crystal clear. The display brightness is fully controllable so it is always clear when you need it, but can be dimmed when you do not want any distractions.
EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN AN ALARM CLOCK: The Sonance has a rapid USB Charge Out, so you can conveniently charge your mobile phone, tablet or any other USB device on your bedside. The Dual Alarm Clock is very quick and easy to set up for any given day or for weekdays and weekends. The Sonance gives you full control over the alarm volume, whilst there is also a Large Snooze button. Plus a much needed 12hr or 24hr time display option.


Blackfriars Retro DAB/DAB+ Digital FM Portable Radio/Alarm Clock/Real

£79.95 £39.95

ADVANCED DAB/DAB+ ‘FUTURE READY’ RADIO: The very latest DAB+ and FM Technology for crystal-clear reception. DAB+ ensures the Blackfriars receives more stations than other DAB Radios. It also has FM Radio for more choice. “Future Ready” ensures the radio has been designed to be compatible in the future.
SUBWOOFER FOR AMAZING SOUND: The Blackfriars has a built-in subwoofer to deliver a rich, powerful deep sound so you can enjoy your favourite music. We are experts in sound engineering and design the very best drivers and digital circuitry to ensure the Blackfriars sounds better than other similar radios.
BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The Blackfriars has a large 1,800mAh battery which lasts over 10 hours making it perfect for all around the home. The removable leather strap makes it ideal for in the garden also.


CB23-DAB Hall DAB Rent

£64.95 £29.95

A compact, bedside digital radio, the Majority Madingley Hall (DAB) offers a blend of quality, style and affordability that’s hard to beat. The radio alarm clock features both DAB digital and FM radio. Unobtrusive but stylish, the compact design is sure to fit on the smallest of bedside tables.
In the top of the radio there’s two handy quick charge USB ports so you can change your smartphone, tablet or other USB device directly from the radio without the need for extra bedside plugs or chargers.
Being an alarm clock, this item comes with a large, clear and dimmable LCD screen. Automatic time set – When you plug the clock in for the first time, the current time will be shown in the display.


Go’s FBA

£64.95 £29.95

SPORTS PORTABLE AND CLIP-ON POCKET FUNCTION: The Petersfield-Go is a compact, mini version of the best-selling Majority Petersfield and is perfect for active lifestyles or sport. With the extra function of a clip-on pocket clasp, you can simply charge up the radio and clip it on whilst you work, walk or run.
DAB/DAB+ DIGITAL AND FM RADIO: Simply tune the radio to begin listening to a wide variety of “Future-Ready” digital and FM radio during sport or activity. With DAB/DAB+, you will not be limited in your selection of stations to choose from. With easy set-up and quick auto-scanning, you can begin listening to your favourite stations in no time.
USB RECHARGEABLE AND 10-12 HOURS PLAYBACK: Charge the built-in rechargeable battery of the digital radio with the supplied USB cable to enjoy 10-12 hours of fantastic playback – perfect for when you are on the move for long periods of time.


Goodmans Canvas DAB Radio – Parent


FM (87.5 – 108MHz) & DAB+ (174 – 240MHz)
LCD with adjustable backlight – (timeout options – light on)
Station presets and Auto scanning


Goodmans Iconic Style Contemporary DAB+ and FM RDS Radio


DAB+ Digital & FM RDS Radio
Iconic 60s styling with leather carrying handle
AUX In, Headphone Socket


Histon II

£59.95 £20.00

DAB/DAB+/FM DIGITAL RADIO: The Histon II is a compact and tidy unit, with a huge variety of “Future Ready” DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio stations for your enjoyment. With the simple set up you can begin listening to a wide variety of stations on this stylish unit.
MAINS POWERED AND PORTABLE: The Majority Histon II looks great in your kitchen, lounge or bedroom, and can be made portable with 4 x AA batteries.
BEDSIDE DUAL ALARM CLOCK and SNOOZE: Set up to two alarms with the dual alarm feature. Wake up to your favourite DAB/DAB+ or FM station, or an alarm buzzer. Hit Snooze for a few more minutes of sleep.