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Zology Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones with Mic,Comfortable Protein Earpad...

£49.99 £30.99

The Headphones are Active Noise Cancelling: Reduce Unwanted Ambient Sounds Using Active Noise Control,Active Noise Cancelling Technology Reduces Constant Background,Such as Engine Thrum(Aeroplane,Train,Bus),or Air Conditioning,Aged Wash Machine etc
ANC Technology-A Phenomenon Known as Destructive Interference:They Actually Create Their Own Sound Waves that Mimic the Incoming Noise in Every Respect Except One: the Headphone’s Sound Waves are 180 Degrees out of Phase with the Intruding Waves,Then You Can Focus on the Sounds You Want to Hear
Noisy is Not Only Unpleasant,It’s Harmful:It Will Hurt Your Hearing if You Stay in 75 to 80 dB of Noise for Long Time,Not to Mention Enjoy Music At All.These Headphones Reduce 70% of Ambient Noise Effectively.They Help Alleviate Fatigue When Traveling,Turn You Back Into a Quiet World.